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Hillary proposes to Nationalize Comedy

  Following her typical liberal playbook (the one also used by Obama), Hillary has put forth a stategic plan for nationalizing comedy:

       “There are far too many Americans today who are left to their own devicies to find humor in situations in their daily life.  Therefor, we should lead the world in providing humor for our citizens.  No longer will any individual have to make pesky decisions as to where to get their laughs.  No longer will people like Hollie Helstrom, a single mom of four, have to choose between starting a college account for her kids and purchasing that Far Side Desk calander which contains many jokes she won’t understand anyway.”– Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in Floyd’s Bend, Ohio.

    A controversial part of Clinton’s campaign is the assigning of comedians based on regional location.  This means those stuck in the South will be forced to listen to “Larry the Cable Guy” or his Arkansas rip-off, “Larry the Guy who only gets PBS and Fox on his Rabbit ears.”  Worst yet, New Jersey should prepare for a long-spell of that annoying woman from “The Nanny.”


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