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Obama Releases Approved Campaign Lies

  In accordance with how the Media is allowed to cover Senator Obama, the Obama Campaign has released the following list of “untrue allegations” about Sen. Obama that are fit for discussion on blogs. 

   “We felt it was time to offer the blogosphere the same opportunity to work with us as the mainstream media, ” Said Campaign stategist Joel Stinkbottom, “so we will continue the efforts that worked best with the leading news organizations… you know, where we tell them what is off limits and help make suggestions for how to best cover Obama’s brilliant vision.”

   The following are approved ways for blogosphere writers to “question” Obama’s character and achievements:

1. Barack Obama was the kid who played Willis on “Diff’rent Strokes.”

2. While in college Obama once cried during a performance of “The Vagina Monologues.”

3. Obama once viewed the movie “The Last Temptation of Christ” but was shocked by it’s non-Biblical interpretation of Jesus’ life story.

4. Obama’s christmas tree has a plastic black angel on top instead of the more commercialized star or santa figurine.

5. Obama dances like Charlton on “Fresh Prince of Belaire.”

6. Obama was a charter member of the “Huggy-Bear appreciation society.”

7. Obama’s major fault is that he cares too much.

8. While only 46 years old, Obama feels his soul is at least 51.

9. Obama sleeps in church, but only when the Reverend Wright is preaching anti-semetic comments or claiming that 9/11 was good because it woke white people up to the world of colored people.

10. Barack Obama is hung like a bull.

  Reminder… these are the only approved topics of conversation for blogs that want any kind of future availibility to President Obama.


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