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God Seeks Revenge On CNN

  Heavenly insiders today revealed that the lord Almighty authorized this weekend’s Atlanta Tornado to seek revenge on CNN. 

  “CNN has spent the better part of the last decade promoting all sorts of social ills,” spoke one unnamed Heavenly source, “This year’s attempts to make Senator Obama a credible candidate was just the tipping point.  I think it’s important to note this attack on Atlanta was more of a ‘warning shot’ then anything else.  Cooper Anderson should be warned.  The next one starts in his house.”

   For their part, CNN denies any connection to the storm.  “Frankly,” started Chief Political Advisor/conservative-hater Cooper Anderson, “I don’t even believe in God, so what could he do to me?”

  Fox News provided exclusive coverage of the damage to the CNN building which included fallen ceiling tiles, roof damage, and the total destruction of Cooper Anderson’s grey hair dye.  Meanwhile, a last second shot pushed the SEC tournament game to overtime preventing thousands from wondering out on the street where they would have possibly been hit by debris such as Lou Dobbs’ viagra bottles.


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