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Media Unsure How to Save Obama

  At this morning’s weekly meeting of heads of media, an impasse was reached on how to save Obama’s campaign.

  “It’s unusual…,” Dan O’Connor head of NBC News said, “So unusual.  We usually reach an agreement and set about doing what we think is best to help Democrats, and lately, specifically Obama.  But after that whole Racist Crazy Preacher story was broke by Fox we all had to try to pretend we were outraged.  Now we have to spin this somehow… but how?

   An unnamed source from the media said “I’ve never seen Cooper Anderson so mad.  Seriously, when that fat guy at MSNBC suggested we just run some ‘McCain is old’ stories, Anderson came unglued.  He was screaming ‘We’ve used up all our McCain is old stories!  What will CNN do?  We’ll have to make new McCain is old stories… and I, Cooper Anderson, do not work on the weekend!”


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  1. Those “McCain is Old” stories are the best! HA!

    Comment by totaltransformation | April 3, 2008 | Reply

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