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Ebenezer Scrooge Award Goes to Barrack Obama

  The Ebenezer Scrooge Foundation today announced their “man of the decade.”  The suprise winner was Barrack Obama.  Mr. Obama’s donations to charity at the begining of the decade was a measly thousand dollars.  This from an income of nearly $300,000.  This is the equivelent of someone making $35,000 a year donating $129 to charity over the course of an entire year.

Spokesperson Richard Crabtree said:  “We know Mr. Obama reflects the principles set forth by Mr. Scrooge.  It is true that Obama donated much, much more money the year he decided to run for the Senate, but we can overlook that lapse in Scroogeness because afterall, he was running for office and had to look good.  We know that deep down, this man hoardes money with the best of them.”

When questioned, Mr. Crabtree did say the foundation’s board had some disagreement over giving the award “The fact that Mr. Obama routinely attacks the rich was a bit of an issue, but since he was just being a hypocrite we didn’t mind.”

On a side-note, the Hypocrite Foundation has nominated him for their highest award, the “Al Gore Award.”

*Be sure to check our real-life source at http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=M2ZhODdkMGFhYmEwMDEwM2UwMWMwMzU1ZWZjYTY0OWQ=


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