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Al Gore Sues to Overturn Survivor Vote

  Unhappy with the recent sending-off of Survivor contestant Amy, Al Gore has threatened a law suit.  The basis for the case (Gore V/S CBS) is that Al Gore thinks it is unfair that the team with immunity didn’t get to vote for their choice of who to send off the losing team.

   “This is America, or at least where I watch it is America.  And here we count everyone’s vote.  I don’t care if there was a binding agreement that the participants understood at the time of the vote, their votes should count, dammit!” Said a dispondent Al Gore.

  Survivor candidate Erik (who barely escaped being sent off) responded with “I’m sure the courts will uphold the rules that were established long before we came to this god-for saken, swamp-filled misqueto hell-hole.  Also, why does Al Gore where that beard?  That thing looks like it’s made out of pubes.  Nasty, shaggy pubes.”


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