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Rep. Geoff Davis Apologizes to Obama…

    Kentucky Congressman Geoff Davis today apologized to Barrack (Do NOT MENTION THE MIDDLE NAME) Obama for refereing to him as a boy in a recent comment. 

  “I am very sorry.  It has been pointed out to me that in my off-the-cuff remark I refered to him in a way that used words that were once used by racists.  I want it struck from the record and replaced by the phrase ‘little girl.’  Let the record show that I meant to say ‘I don’t want that little girl’s finger on the button’ when refereing to Obama.”

  The National Organization of Women are busy preparing a campaign to ostracize him for the comment.  Likewise, the Congressional Black Caucus is disappointed the apology came before they got a chance to get some TV time to show they were outraged.  The Rutgers University Women’s Basketball team released a statement saying how disappointed they were in the remarks as well.  Don Imus took the day off from his radio show as he was shaking and uttering the words “can’t comment on that story… can’t comment on that story.” 


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