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Canada Passes Strict Border Control Laws

  Canada today has announced a sweeping reform of their border security.  The new plan calls for extensive thousand foot long fences guarded by armed guards and attack dogs.  Checkpoints into the country will be heavily reinforced by mounted police officers.

President William Havanaut had this to say:  “We’re tired of Americans sneaking across the border at night to take up all our good jobs.  Hell, so many unskilled Canadians could be doing good, decent, minimum wage jobs that are taken up by Americans.  We could have a Canadian Idol show, but noooo… we’re importing America’s Idol show.  We could have an All-Canadian Toronto Raptors, but instead Americans are sneaking in and taking those high paying jobs.  Likewise, stupid Michiganers have crossed the border to work in our sanitation and bio-engeneering jobs because their home country doesn’t have enough of these jobs to go around for their highly skilled workers.  I’ve had it up


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