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New Oliver Stone Movie W…

  The new Oliver Stone biopic based on the life of President Bush has been leaked to internet sources.  The film, “W”, has caught reviewers by suprise.  Stone has decided to focus the entire three hour epic only on George W. Bush’s stint as owner of the Texas Rangers. Stone has already come under attack for fictionalizing the account.  “Look,” said an angry Stone, “What I do is give you enough of the real story so people think it’s real, then I’ll slip in a couple huge lies to make people hate Republicans more.  Didn’t you see Nixon?”

The Following is dialogue lifted directly from the script:

MLB COMMISSIONER: But George, seriously, you can’t rename the “Rangers” to “Walker, Texas Rangers” to tie into the T.V. show.

BUSH:  But Chuck Norris is awesome!  I want to be him so bad.

MLB COMMISSIONER:  Seriously.  Texas has a lot going for it now.  That young kid coming up, Sosa, he’s going to be good.

BUSH:  Hell no. I’m trading him to the Cubs.  I caught him sneaking into my private cork collection, can’t put up with that crap.

MLB COMMISSIONER:  Look George, you’re a smart man, you do what you want.



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