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Media to Palin: You’re Only Slightly More Experienced then Obama

  That national media today announced they have written a letter to Sarah Palin, the letter follows:

   Dear Hick,

   Where do you get off?  Seriously, you only have like, two more years of executive leadership (we don’t count managing a city and putting up with hundreds of vocal hotheads–because when you deal with congress you won’t have to do that) than Obama.  Seriously, that makes you like the least experienced Vice Presidential candidate since Al Gore.  Just because you have more experience than Obama doesn’t mean anything–my god, we’re talking about making you the Vice President.  Do you have any experience going to funerals and innaugurations for third world leaders?  Can you really be sent to do the stupid little stuff that the President doesn’t want to bother with (like speaking to women’s groups, third world countries, and giving out medals to war vets?).  Just because Obama is our choice for president and your record, character, and experience are superior to his doesn’t mean we trust making you the number two person in our government that has little to do with everyday American’s lives anyway.


Obama 08, uhm… I mean, the national media.


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Obama to McCain: You Fix Economy, I’ll be prepping for Debate

Obama Speechifyng
Obama Speechifyng

   Senator Barrack (don’t mention the middle name) Obama today announced that he would like to see John McCain go fix the economy, leaving himself to prep for Friday night’s debate.  Obama added that it woud be racist not to debate on Friday night.  As he left the podium he was heard to say “Besides, I know the media will spin any of McCain’s actions so as to blame him for everything anyway.”

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