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Obama Advocates Cutting Public Funding for Campaigns

  Presidential Candidate Barack Obama today announced he would write a bill limiting Public financing for Presidential candidates.  Under Obama’s plan, starting immediately publicly financed Presidential candidates would recieve a total of $420 for the fall campaign.  This is a massive reduction from the current $80 Million.  When asked if this had anything to do with hs foregoing of public financing in favor of spending more then has ever been spent on the election while John McCain will be limited to the $80 Million, Obama said:

 “Look, pointing to facts is the old way of doing things.  I won’t let those old, tried and true ideas interfere with the fantasy I’m projecting.  Sure, I’m going to spend a half a billion dollars on my campaign compared to McCain’s $80 Million, but I think the public would be better served if we limited old man McCain to $400.  That’d give him 80 yard signs, more then enought to combat the millions and half-billions I’m going to spend alone, and with the help of moveon.org to destroy the record of that great American.”

 When asked to elaborate Mr. Obama said “Don’t you dare ask me for more info.  I’ve said all you need to write glowing reports about me.”


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